A Beginning

Image of Painting 'A Beginning'
YEAR 2015_SIZE 50 x 42 cm
YEAR 2015_SIZE 50 x 42 cm
‍YEAR 2015_SIZE 50 x 42 cm

“Once upon a Time there was a House With a Roof that flew away.
Now, all that remains is a House Without a Roof
- an unfinished Story, just like You & Me”

Similar to the one without a Door, but different still.
Those same cracks bared in each neighbourhood of that Time.

A comfort consumed you;
A moment transcended you.
Everyone and no-one saved you.
And now all is left is Now still & You (very Alive)

A Perception, A Will, A Thank You, A 'Love You'

2015_SIZE 60 x 80 cm

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